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Let’s do that “follow” thing.


So, if you post about 


-Doctor Who 



-Harry Potter


-The Hunger Games

-Star Wars

-Lord of the Rings

-The Hobbit



-The Walking Dead


-Once Upon a Time (ships include Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, Rumbelle, and Snowing). 

-Arrow (Olicity) 

Reblog this and I’ll check out your blog. Oh and feel free to follow me as well. That’s always fun. (: 

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Anonymous asked: Sam nods, a few tears trailing down his cheeks. He coughs again shivering.

Needing to get up to get a few things, he helps Sam to his feet then gently onto the couch. Grabbing a blanket he drapes it around Sam’s shoulders. “I’ll be back in a sec, just need to get the first aid kit.”

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Alice chuckled, rolling her eyes a bit. “For someone who’s practically a stranger, you’re quite the flirt. I hope this wasn’t some sort of way for you to get my number.” She raised a brow slightly. “Or is that the case here, handsome?” For once she could at least attempt to have some fun, right?

"Maybe, maybe not." Dean takes a sip from his beer. "What would you do if that was the case?"

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